Below you will find the link to the pre-test Survey.

September 2019

Week 1

Week 2

  • God’s Heart for the Immigrant — The Law — Kit Danley:

Week 3

  • Crossing the Divide — Building Connections Through Empathy — Justin Masterson:

Week 4

  • God’s Heart for the Immigrant — The Prophets — Kit Danley:

Week 5

  • Prophetic Lament — Soong Chan Rah:

Week 6

  • The Role of Church in Our New Multicultural World — Walter Brueggemann:

Week 7

  • God’s Heart for the Immigrant — Jesus & The Church — Kit Danley:

Additional Resources

  • FAMILIES HELD CAPTIVE is a 23 minute film from 2015 outlining protest efforts against family detaining (Office  of General Assembly – PCUSA):
  • LA VOZ DEL PUEBLO is an 18-minute documentary that explores the difficult and violent Honduran reality through the perspective of journalists at the Jesuit-run radio station, Radio Progreso: