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Experiencing Jesus And His Love, Hope & Power

Being the presence of Jesus in our community is the heart behind everything we do at Neighborhood Ministries. We want to provide opportunities and relationships for people to encounter Jesus and to grow in their faith journey. All of our Neighborhood Spiritual Development programs, as well as our Neighborhood Church, allow people the opportunity to learn about and experience Jesus and His life-transforming hope, love, and power in their lives.

Neighborhood Ministries Church

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This past year, we celebrated 40 years of God’s faithfulness in our community. We are witness to his Hope, Love, and Power transforming people’s lives from all walks of life.

2022 was a year that brought many challenges but with those challenges comes learning and growth. Being part of the body of Christ means we are connected to one another. Being connected means that we are present with each other and are part of each other’s lives.

These connections and relationships happen when we gather for worship, when we get together to celebrate weddings, quinceañeras, birthdays, baby dedications, when we are present at funerals mourning together, when we advocate for our community, in other words when we show up.

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The Training HUB

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The Training HUB serves as a connection point for knowledge sharing and skill development, where individuals can learn new skills, share best practices, and stay up-to-date with new developments. The HUB offers a range of training opportunities, including in-person workshops, online courses, and webinars, that are tailored to the specific needs of different audiences.


Kids Camp

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For one special week each year, we conduct Kids Camp in Payson, Arizona. It is a one-week camp for our 5th-7th graders. It takes place in late July each year, from Sunday through Friday.

  • Director: Sandra Valdez

Kids Life

AREA OF IMPACT: Neighborhood-Spiritual-Development

Kids Life has been instrumental in giving countless children their first opportunity of living a life of hope and significance. In fact, it is the primary way children and families become involved with Neighborhood Ministries. Kid’s Life runs from September through April every year. All activities take place at 1929 W. Fillmore from 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm.

  • Director: Sandra Valdez

Kids Club

AREA OF IMPACT: Neighborhood-Spiritual-Development

Kids Club is a two-week, summer day camp held on the Neighborhood Ministries campus. We host hundreds of kids from the community to participate in this life changing experience. It takes place in late June each year, Monday through Friday, from 9:30 a.m. to 3:30 p.m each day.

  • Director: Sandra Valdez