SNAP/AHCCCS Assistance

Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (Previously known as Food Stamps)



Will my citizenship or residency application be affected if I apply?

If you are a refugee, asylee, survivor of trafficking, domestic violence, VAWA self-petitioner, special immigrant juvenile, or current green-card holder applying for US citizenship, using SNAP benefits should NOT impact your citizenship application. If you do not fall into one of these classes, SNAP use by you or a citizen child may impact your citizenship application. If you have concerns or questions, it's best to consult an immigration attorney.

I heard that you can only get $16 a month. Is that true?

It depends on your income and family size. Many people get about $120 a month. Some people get only $16, but these funds can be rolled over from month to month. It is a great way to supplement your food budget.

What information will I need to apply?

•Proof of your identity

• Proof of income

• Birth certificate and social security card for everyone in your household

• Proof of citizenship or legal residence in the US

• Documentation of any medical or child care expenses.

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I want to apply for or renew my SNAP benefits.
Where can I get help?

There are multiple ways to apply for or renew your SNAP benefits. You can:

Find a SNAP Community Partner in your area at:

Apply online:

Apply in person at a DES office: Find offices at

Visit to find out if you can receive SNAP and other benefits.

For more information, contact Cynthia at or
(602) 935-8252