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_DSF975412/22/15 – Workers prep the footing for the bathroom building. The finished structure will have four showers, eight toilets and four sinks. _DSF9974 12/23/16 – Workers help spread the concrete evenly in the footer. This particular site in the footer is especially reinforced because it will be bearing weight from the stairs and 2nd story deck. _DSF0620 1/4/16 – The web of trenches are for all the drains needed for the showers, toilets, sinks and mop buckets. Also visible in this frame is the first steps for the exterior walls: cinderblock reinforced with concrete. _DSF2154 2/3/16 – Here we can see the bathrooms in relation to the silo building. A stairway will be built between the two structures connecting to a platform that leads to the 2nd story entrance. _DSF3184 4/28/16 – No, the Academic Success Center is not going to be white, this sealant coat is part of the abatement process. The building will be painted back to the rustic metal look it had before. _DSF5286 5/30/16 – Finishing touches on the second story. _DSF5320 5/30/16 – A torch cuts through the walls to create the beginnings of the 2nd story windows. Over 35 windows will be added to the two floors of the structure. _DSF5398 6/12/16 – A laborer sets one of the window frames in place. These windows will be set deep into the walls so students can sit inside of them. _DSF5362 6/12/16 – The workers are moving heavy gauge wire mesh in the second story of the silo building. This wire mesh will cover the entire floor to strengthen the concrete that will cover it. _DSF7711 6/18/16 – Concrete is hard work. Prep work is tedious and long; the pour is rushed, with many things needing to happen at once; and all of the work is messy, heavy and requires the laborer to be hunched over. Note: the wire mesh from the previous image is now spread evenly on the bare deck. _DSF5518 6/18/16 – Not a lot of words are spoken between these workers. Sure, they joke around and laugh when there’s down time but when the concrete starts flowing everyone seems to know where they need to be and what needs to get done. BandAcomposite 6/18/16 Here’s a before and after split image of the 2nd floor slab. On the right side image the slab has firmed up enough for the workers to finely smooth out the imperfections. _DSF5384 6/12/16 – The Education Center is really shaping up! Come by, see this amazing progress for yourself, and continue to pray for the final phase of fundraising, safety of the workers and the lives of children who will be impacted through the Academic Success Center.]]>

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