Parenting Por Vida

The primary emphasis of Parenting por Vida is to serve pregnant and parenting moms and dads from pregnancy through when their child reaches six months. In addition, part of the ministry program includes “Parent College” which focuses on parents with children older than 6 months. We’re specifically passionate about helping teen moms through pregnancy and parenting.

We provide education and support to encourage breastfeeding for baby’s first six months of life, increased bonding and attachment by both parents, and healthier birth outcomes with the provision of a doula and/or midwife.

Parenting por Vida has resulted in increased understanding of specific age children regarding brain development, developmental milestones, bonding and attachment, play as learning, communication, increase of positive interaction between parent and child. We also encourage increased positive communication between parents regarding how they parent and guide their children together. Additionally we provide access to necessary resources, education, and training.

We emphasize a significant relationship with God and growing in spiritual maturity. The result is healthier life choices and ultimately healthier families and communities.

Connect with Parenting Por Vida

Connect with Parenting Por Vida

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  • Director(s): Aida Jimenez–Uselton
  • Send an Email: Use our contact form

How You Can Help

  • Mentor a young mom or dad
  • Provide a healthy meal on a program night
  • Offer to teach a class based on your expertise
  • Organize a drive in your local community for ongoing needs: diapers, wipes, new and gently used baby items
  • Provide gift cards in $20 increments from Walmart or Target; provide gas or bus cards