Katy’s Kids Preschool

Katy’s Kids Preschool serves 3 – 5 year olds. Their primary goal is preparing these students to be kindergarten ready. This includes the areas of social, emotional and physical growth in these young children. Our preschool focuses on cognitive progress, literacy and writing proficiency. Our preschool is made up of two classrooms serving a total of 30 children. Monday through Friday, these children are exposed to activities and learning that develop their brains, including science, mathematics, reading, creative play, art, and other initiatives. Our warm, flexible environment fosters wonder, curiosity and life long learning.

Impacting our community means developing a foundation for a lifetime of learning. This is a profound impact within our community where there is the greatest need. We want to make sure that children are kindergarten ready for free or for a very affordable cost. We develop a relationship with each child and family that lasts beyond preschool.

Connect with Katy’s Kids Preschool

Connect with Katy’s Kids Preschool

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  • Director(s): Lenny Reel
  • Phone Number: 602-718-1718
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