Neighborhood's COVID-19 Response

Neighborhood Ministries is working hard to continue helping families during the COVID-19 pandemic. Below are some ways that you can seek help and participate in our work.

Real Life, Active Faith.

Arizona Charitable Tax Credit

Have you considered taking advantage of the Arizona Charitable Tax Credit? It's a great option for those that are AZ residents. Watch the video to learn more!

To give your tax credit to NM, click here


Neighborhood Ministries is hiring!

4 Areas of Community Impact

Neighbors at Work

Neighborhood Family Services

Neighborhood Spiritual Development

Education for Life

Assisting at-risk young adults in obtaining and maintaining employment, helping them reach self-sufficiency through employment training and life skills development.

Serving families in our community by providing basics like food, parenting support & counseling services.

Providing opportunities and programs for people of all ages in our community to encounter Jesus and to grow in their faith journey.

Offering comprehensive education assistance like mentoring, tutoring, scholarships, and more to help our youth grow, develop, and succeed.

How Neighborhood Ministries is transforming communities

For over 30 years, kids in urban Phoenix have been coming to Neighborhood Ministries every summer for Kids Club. The kids that came thirty years ago, now volunteer to help and bring their own children to attend. It's a place of a belonging, and a place where the love of God is evident.