Looking for Work? Neighbors at Work needs YOU!

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Looking for Work? Neighbors at Work needs YOU!

If you are looking to get back into school, start college planning or begin your career preparation, we have programs ready to help get you started!

Neighbors at Work was recently awarded a contract with the City of Phoenix to enable us to serve 300 youth ages 16-24 with employment and educational services. We are officially partnering with ARIZONA@WORK Youth Job Seeker services to make it happen.

Your future is wide open, and we’ll help you pursue your path to success with a full range of programs, services and resources, all designed to help fulfill your dreams—and all free of charge.

Together, we can equip our youth to become strong, caring, vibrant leaders in our communities – giving them a “future and a hope” as they grow in their relationship with their families, their communities, and their Creator. Are you ready to help us accomplish that goal? Enrollment starts July 1st! Visit https://forms.office.com/r/65RuQtiGJe to get started.


Help us get the word out! Please refer any and all individuals, ages 16-24, who may benefit from these services.

You can also email us at neighbors.at.work@nmphx.com, call or text us at 602-718-1173, include the individual’s need, their name, email address and phone number.



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