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Celebrating 40 years of HOPE, LOVE and POWER

The mission of Neighborhood Ministries (NM) is: “to be the presence of Jesus Christ, sharing his life-transforming hope, love and power among distressed families of urban Phoenix, igniting their passion for God and his kingdom.”

Decades Of Dedication – Education For Life Event

Every year, your partnership dramatically changes the lives of the students we serve by offering them something they deserve: a good education. Here at Neighborhood Ministries, we have the bookends of education covered with Katy’s Kids Preschool and the Wayne and Kit Danley College Scholarship.

Together, we’ve provided 39 scholarships totaling more than $606, 392.

Since 2018 Katy’s Kids has had 52 Preschoolers graduate to Kindergarten.

New Opportunities Scholarship Foundation announces the formation of the Wayne & Kit Danley Scholarship Endowment with a $500,000 match! Our goal is to have all the funds raised to complete the $500,000 match by the 40th Anniversary Christmas Celebration on December 3, 2022. This will launch the endowment with $1 Million dollars.

Together, we can make dreams come true!

Through your generosity, dozens of hard-working, deserving students are waiting to see if this is the year their dreams will come true by “Breaking the Cycle of Poverty and Building a Cycle of Love & Hope” by being the first in their family to earn a college degree!

Can New Opportunities Scholarship Foundation and Neighborhood Ministries count on you to invest in the future of Neighborhood Ministries’ first-generation college students?

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