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Meet Maria Espinoza. 

Maria tells the story we love to remind people.  It is the consistency of being present, showing up at all stages of life, equipping and envision futures that becomes the transformational influence of Neighborhood Ministries.  The beauty of Maria’s story is that we can remember her at all these different stages and now her children’s stories are in our hearts and minds.  Long, long ago, we said these words:  “We want to know you your whole life, and your children and your children’s children”.  By God’s grace, we are living this dream.

 Don’t miss this story … it’s beautiful.

These stories reflect the love, hope, and power of Jesus shared in this community. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

These stories don’t happen without you!

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Thank you for all you do here. Your love and life have made these 40 years of service possible.

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