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Many have been wondering, how are we going to do Kids Club this year amidst a pandemic? The answer: Kids Club 2020 Remix “The Greatest to Ever Do It.”

Unprecedented times call for unprecedented creativity, and our team is hard at work developing a new, remix version of Kids Club that will provide the high energy Bible lessons, activities, worship, and even field trips, that you find in a typical Kids Club. We plan to accomplish this is by utilizing social media and video conferencing platforms in innovative ways. This virtual Kids Club will take place July 6 – 24.

And thanks to the generosity of some close friends, we’ve already raised $35,000 of the $80,000 we’ll need to raise to make Kids Club Remix a reality. With your help, we can impact 350 lives this year for half the normal cost, while adding a Special Bonus as well!

With your help, we can impact 700 lives during this year’s Kid’s Club Remix for half the cost.

It will give us the opportunity to hyper-focus on one of the biggest needs in this season – connection through relationships – a core value of Neighborhood Ministries.

“We hold to the model that the best transference of love, hope and power is through relationships,” says Kit Danley, our beloved Founder and President. “The unconditional love of God compels us to a relentless pursuit of one another, where we choose to bear the pain each one carries, as well as bring the good news of that unconditional love, practically and verbally.”

In this social distancing era, we’re committed to deepening our relationships through meeting in mentor-style small groups across our neighborhoods. As a SPECIAL BONUS of Kids Club REMIX, each attendee will also receive access to a yearlong mentorship program designed to continue to build and strengthen the relationships formed at Kids Club!

As a special bonus of Kid’s Club Remix, each attendee will receive access to a year-long mentorship program to build and strengthen relationships formed at Kids Club!

Pulling off a compelling, high-energy Kids Club with social distancing in mind is not going to be easy. As kids “tune in” and meet Christ in their homes this summer, we need your prayers like never before!

Please pray for wisdom, for patience, for hope, for peace, for… a way through. Every year, we see God breaking down walls and touching the hearts and minds of the more than 350 kids who attend Kids Club. Bonds are made and lifetime mentorships are formed. In the midst of this pandemic and all of its limitations, we have heard God whisper, “opportunity.”

We are trusting Him for a Kids Club this summer that, despite looking much different, will meet the same needs of our community: getting to know God more, deepening of relationships, and having A LOT of fun!

In these times when we feel more separated, Kids Club is needed more than ever before. On behalf of the kids we serve, thank you for the support that will keep kids connected and hope moving forward this summer!

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