Kids Club 2019: A Destination Invitation, from Jesus to LIFE

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Attendance at Kids Club this year far exceeded our expectations. But thanks to your generous support, we were ready!

We had close to 600 participants, more than 100 high school and college students as our Work Crew and Jr. Work Crew, and more than 200 additional volunteers. There was quite an adjustment that was needed, but our amazing community stepped in and met the demand. Our precious participants come from various walks of life, and some experience very difficult situations on a day-to-day basis. So, we selected “He ain’t goin nowhere… God’s gonna get you through,” in hopes that it would speak to the heart of those individuals. Our desire was that we impacted each kid who walked onto our campus with a message of hope.

The success of Kids Club always depends on our community volunteers. This year, twenty-plus leaders led our classes, ranging from woodshop and tennis, to dance and even free haircuts, just to highlight a few. Other volunteers helped serve more than 700 meals and snacks every day.

We also had a team of 14 drivers transport our kids to campus and to a variety of exciting field trip destinations like The Phoenix Children’s Museum, a variety of swimming pools and several university campuses, to spark their imagination and their enthusiasm.

One of the highlights of our 2019 Kids Club experience was the fruition of the tile project that our President, Kit Danley, dreamt many years ago. Each child placed a handprint on a tile, donated by the local Meridian Tiles, and placed it on the North Education Building wall where it will be seen for many years to come. In Kit’s words, “Each finger on that handprint represents the phrase, ‘I Will Never Leave You’; and this year it aligned perfectly with our theme.”

Kids Club opens the hearts and minds of hundreds of kids every year, and it wouldn’t be possible without the prayers and support of friends like you! With God’s grace, we made a positive impact this year these kids won’t soon forget. We are so appreciative of the donations and the volunteers who made this year’s Kids Club extraordinary for the children and young adults we serve!

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