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Meet Kendall Dooley.


The Lord continues to bring us “called-out-ones”, people who can identify the work God has given them to do and where to live it out.  Kendall is that person.  He works with our youth with that same desire, to inspire them to their callings,  to grow into their God-given identities … “to be the answers to their own problems”.


Listen to Kendall as he lives out our mission statement … “to be the presence of Jesus Christ, sharing his life-transforming hope, love and power, among distressed families of urban Phoenix, igniting their passion for God and His kingdom”.

These stories reflect the love, hope, and power of Jesus shared in this community. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.


These stories don’t happen without you!

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Thank you for all you do here. Your love and life have made these 40 years of service possible.


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