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During Kids Camp Lake Day, more than 100 youth, ages 10 and up, were empowered with the experience of kayaking. Skye’s the Limit Foundation is honored to have been able to provide the exposure and opportunity for the kids of Neighborhood Ministries to find joy, peace and self-reflection as we explored Canyon Lake.

“It was an opportunity to reach the vulnerable, hoping to help them spread their wings with love, compassion, courage, strength, resilience and empowerment,” says Keiko, our Finance Coordinator at Neighborhood Ministries and the president of the Skye’s the Limit Foundation.

Keiko lost her daughter, Skye, a rape survivor, to a drug overdose in 2014. Since then, Keiko has honored her daughter’s memory by reaching out and empowering other youth through the Skye’s the Limit Foundation.

“Our activities include coordinating and advocating for Trauma Informed Care Certifications for individuals, parents, organizations, art projects and mentoring opportunities, outdoor relationship building, empowerment adventures and self-healing initiatives and retreats.”

Thank you, Keiko, for teaching our kids to reach for the good and the best in all of us and to care for and love others with compassion.

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