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Manaia was extremely thrilled to find she had been selected for our 2019 Kids Club intern program. Not only would she get the chance to mentor kids in her community and have fun doing it, she’d be one of the few organizers to receive a small wage for her work!

Sadly, it wasn’t to be. A required summer college class she hadn’t accounted for popped up and threw a wrench into her plans. There just wasn’t enough time to attend class and fulfill the number of hours the internship required.

But we’re proud to report, this bump in the road wasn’t enough to stop Manaia. She decided that contributing what she could to benefit “her kids” was worth more than being compensated like her peers. She showed up each day during Kids Club and Kids Camp, on time and eager to work just as hard as the interns. This summer, Manaia exemplified our theme, “He ain’t goin nowhere… God’s gonna get you through,” knowing that her efforts could make a lasting difference for the kids she served.

Marco Perez, our Media Specialist, tells us, “On our very last day of camp up north at Christopher Creek, Manaia walks towards me with the largest grin on her face, and as she wraps her arms around me, giving me the biggest hug, knowing that her summer was coming to an end, she says with such enthusiasm in her voice, “This was the best summer I’ve ever had!”

Thank you, Manaia, for selflessly sacrificing your time and energy this summer for the benefit of our kids!

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