Katy's Kids

Since 2004, Neighborhood Ministries' onsite preschool, Katy's Kids has helped meet the need for affordable, high-quality early learning opportunities in inner-city Phoenix. Serving three to five-year-old children, this program equips students from low-income households with the skills they need to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Katy's Kids was recently awarded a prestigious five-star rating from First Things First. Katy’s Kids is a wise investment as research shows every dollar invested in early childhood education in Arizona results in a $17 savings when the child reaches adulthood! And what makes Katy's Kids unique is its focus on increasing parental involvement. Parents attend parent education classes and volunteer 20+ hours during the academic year. Furthermore, Neighborhood Ministries' birth-to-college model means students are nurtured via mentoring, tutoring, after-school programs, summer camps, and college access services long after preschool graduation.