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Meet Irene Tomas. 

The old neighborhood only exists in our memories. Gentrification and urban renewal have transformed broken-down houses and abandoned streets into trendy coffee shops and high-rise apartments. When I listen to Irene, there I am, there she is, and hundreds of others in the old days, in those old streets and alleys. We can all remember what it was, and then hardly recognize it for what it has become today. Just as that neighborhood has been given a new life and new story, so has Jesus given Irene a new life and new story.

Years ago, God began healing her heart, and she stands today as a testimony to that ongoing healing. Really, this short video is just part one of a long and beautiful story of a courageous woman who clings to Jesus.  When God heals a heart, we all bear witness to that healing. I can assure you; that we are getting ready to film part two of Irene’s story. And it will be powerful!

 Don’t miss this story … it’s beautiful.

These stories reflect the love, hope, and power of Jesus shared in this community. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

These stories don’t happen without you!

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Thank you for all you do here. Your love and life have made these 40 years of service possible.

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