Purposeful Compassion During the Coronavirus

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With quarantine costing so many families their jobs, keeping food on the table is becoming a struggle for many parents. And that doesn’t begin to describe the situation of families already on the edge when the virus struck. Thankfully, friends like you have stepped in to help fill the gap. Your support of Neighborhood Ministries’ Food Bank is going a long way toward keeping hungry kids and their families fed.

Together, we’re fighting this pandemic with produce!

It’s been incredible to see the outpouring of extra love in the community toward families blindsided by the effects of COVID-19. And it’s a good thing too. The numbers of families who need help have exploded. We’re seeing more hungry and hurting than ever before looking for hope.


March through July this year we:

• Put food on the table for 778 total households in desperate need – a 58% increase over last year!

• Gave 217 NEW households hope by providing them with a food box and plenty of prayer and encouragement – a 274% increase over last year!

• Distributed 100,449 pounds of food in all! – a 94% increase over last year!

Thankfully, through your generous support and prayers, we’ve so far been able to keep up with demand. But as the numbers continue to rise past levels we’ve never experienced, the families we serve need your support more than ever.

Every gift makes a difference, no matter the size! It’s your prayers, love, and support, that allow us to reach out, slip a loving arm around someone in crisis, and help make them whole again. Thank you for making a difference for someone who needs it!


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