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Meet Ericka Martinez.

Some of these 40 stories are of people who came to us from outside the community, yet today are as interwoven in the community as if they had been born here. Though Ericka grew up with some of us in our early days, it wasn’t until college that she joined us. Her pastor Brad challenged her to begin tutoring some kids from our outreach programs (just about 25 years ago). These children gave her the vision to become a teacher. When she finished college, she and Katy opened our first preschool on our campus in partnership with Headstart.

Today, the preschool is named after Katy, called Katy’s Kids. Ericka is married to our pastor Jimy and works for our unaccompanied minor program, Nueva Esperanza.

What an amazing God story!

These stories reflect the love, hope, and power of Jesus shared in this community. We hope you enjoy them just as much as we do.

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Thank you for all you do here. Your love and life have made these 40 years of service possible.


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