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Education Is Key for Emotional, Social, and Financial Success

It is well known that proper education is invaluable in setting young people up for emotional, social, and financial success in life. Our Education For Life programs offer comprehensive education assistance to over 100 at-risk youth, making a long-term commitment to their growth and development from pre-school to post-high school studies. Our goal is to see youth succeed by providing an educational and mentoring support system aimed to decrease deviant behavior such as truancy, drug abuse, and gang activity and increasing educational aspiration.

Katy’s Kids Preschool

Katy’s Kids Preschool serves 3 – 5-year-olds. Their primary goal is to prepare these students to be kindergarten ready. This includes the areas of social, emotional, and physical growth in these young children. Our preschool focuses on cognitive progress, literacy, and writing proficiency. Our preschool is made up of two classrooms serving a total of 30 children. Monday through Friday, these children are exposed to activities and learning that develop their brains, including science, mathematics, reading, creative play, art, and other initiatives. Our warm, flexible environment fosters wonder, curiosity, and lifelong learning.

Impacting our community means developing a foundation for a lifetime of learning. This is a profound impact on our community where there is the greatest need. We want to make sure that children are kindergarten ready for free or for a very affordable cost. We develop a relationship with each child and family that lasts beyond preschool.


Sueños Youth Center

Embraced as you are, empowered to grow.

Sueños Youth Center offers a variety of opportunities for junior high and high school youth to grow and develop as leaders for tomorrow.

For personal growth, Sueños allows students access to computers to explore coding, do research for homework assignments, practice gaming for competition, tutoring and more.

To challenge and support our junior high and high school youth to engage with the community, our youth registered people to vote with the Get Out to Vote campaigns, and knocked on doors to bring awareness of the light rail extension and its potential impact on the community.

A special emphasis is placed on developing “Emerging Leaders.” These youth seek not only to serve their community but also to obtain financial stability and self-sufficiency. Focus is placed on community service (namely our K-7th grade children’s programs), education, civic engagement, social skills, and job training.

Summer Internship: “Emerging Leaders” are able to apply for NM’s highly coveted summer internship positions in which they gain workforce experience and serve their community.

Our Junior Leader Program consists of our 8th-grade students. We focus on developing social confidence and positive identity to help them thrive in the transition from middle school to high school spaces.

We want to see an increase in the developmental assets of the youth. These developmental assets, as defined by The Search Institute, include assets like support, empowerment, positive values, social competencies, positive identity, and more.

This is just a small sample of the many ways Neighborhood Ministries impacts young lives through Sueños Youth Center.


Wayne & Kit Danley Scholarship

The Wayne & Kit Danley Scholarship was established in 2007. The intent of this scholarship is to Break the Cycle of Poverty and Building a Cycle of Love & Hope” by being the first in their family to earn a college degree! 

The Wayne & Kit Danley Scholarship fund provides college scholarships to first-generation youth who have grown up participating in Neighborhood Ministries programs. Scholarship recipients receive support and accountability to achieve their collegiate goals, ensuring their post-secondary success. 

This past year, we launched the Wayne & Kit Danley Scholarship $500,000 Endowment Match. Our goal is to raise $500,000 — to be matched dollar-for-dollar — building the endowment’s inauguration to $1 million.