Who We Are



Kit Danley
Founder and President

Jeremy Wood

Jeremy Wood
Executive Director

Luis Enriquez 1

Luis Enriquez
Development Director


Aida Jimenez
Community Programs Director


Johnny Garippa
Facility Director

Benny Zachoriah Chalunkal

Benny Zachoriah Chalunkal
Nueva Esperanza Director


Norma Vasquez
Director of Accounting

Chris Williams

Chris Williams
Hub Director

Board Officers

Board Members

Kit Danley, President
Founder & President, Neighborhood Ministries
Member since 1995

Bill Hamilton, Chairman
Minister, International Foundation
Member since 2012

Barry Shannahan, Treasurer
Executive Vice President, RED Development
Member since 2013

Dick Crew
Foundation & Investment Management
Member since 2002

Jeremy Wood, Secretary 
Executive Director, Neighborhood Ministries
Member since 2018