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It’s Been a Busy Quarter for Parenting Por Vida!

This has been an AMAZING QUARTER for Parenting Por Vida (PpV).


We welcomed Cynthia Ibarra to PpV. Not a stranger to Neighborhood Ministries (NM) as she grew up in this Church community. Cynthia has served in various capacities as a youth leader and a preschool teacher. As a PpV Community Specialist, Cynthia, now a mother of three young children, will focus primarily on SNAP, AHCCCS, WIC applications and community outreach.


On July 10th, we hosted our first, post-Covid, Mejor Empiezo Community Baby Shower. El Mejor Empiezo has experienced the birth of three healthy baby girls and two healthy baby boys. Two of these were home births and three included the support of a mid-wife or doula. On August 8th, we await the delivery of twins, a boy and a girl! All our ‘mamacitas’ recognize the value of mother’s milk and are nursing their much awaited for babies. We are now addressing issues related to the ‘fourth’ trimester, the importance of birth spacing and family planning. Father and family support has been outstanding.


Weekly yoga class is such a blessing. The intent was to provide a LaMaze experience. We found LaMaze has not been actively or remotely available to pregnant women/couples during the Covid pandemic. The Mejor Empiezo Yoga class provides an opportunity for participants to gather and establish a supportive network. The initial intent was a yoga class for prepost- natal couples. Community partners, extended family members and NM neighbors are attending the class. The benefits of yoga are numerous providing relaxation, increased flexibility, stamina, strength, muscle tone and increased sense of wellness and lifelong yearning for fitness.


During this past quarter, our partnership with Candalence and their Kith n Kin 10 week program graduated 8 individuals who not only received a certificate specializing in care for children under 12 but also, expertise in first aid and 2 year certification in CPR. Our next cohort will begin in early August.


Our newly launched ESL, in person class is going well. Thus far, 11 ESL curricula have been distributed with students committed to the 2-hour program. Feedback from students is that they like the ‘live’ interaction and interactive activities includes variation of such as speed dating, meal preparation and Jeopardy game. Class is held on Saturdays at 1 pm.

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