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After 3 Years, Kids Club Returns to a Roaring Success!

It felt good to be back in the same room, worshiping together, seeing the skit team perform, and hundreds of kids with their hands raised high, hoping to be selected for the game. It is unreal to think that three years have passed since we last gathered in that way. But, simply put, it felt like Kids Club.

This year we exceeded our expectation for attendance of 300. We had more than 60 high school and college students as our Work Crew and Junior Work Crew, with over 70 additional volunteers. Our amazing community stepped in yet again and met the demand.

Our theme this year was “Who’s in Your Ear… You’re God’s Chosen”. Our desire was to make sure that each kid understands that they are invited to the work in our community and in our world.

There are many community volunteers that we credit the execution and success of Kids Club to, from the 20-plus leaders who led our classes, ranging from teachers to activity leaders.

A special thank you goes to our Neighbors At Work team for stepping in. Some of our activities consisted of woodshop, arts and crafts, water kickball, a painted mural, just to highlight a few. Other volunteers helped serve hundreds of meals and snacks on a day-to-day basis.

We also had two bus routes and a few drivers to transport our kids to campus and to the various field trips like The Phoenix Children’s Museum, Suns Arena, Crayola Experience and a number of pools around the valley that sparked their enthusiasm.

One of the highlights of our 2022 Kids Club experience was the Water/Lake Day. We were able to partner with the Kiwanas Aquatics Center for our closeout picnic, family style as we invited everyone to witness the baptism of our kids. It was also a time for our families to join us for some fishing, water play on the brinca brinca, and food. But I think the wave pool stole the show.

It was a wonderful and precious time to be back together. A precious and bittersweet time in that is with a very heavy and somber heart that I announce my resignation as the Kids Program director as of August 5th. Due to recent health challenges and a pileup of ongoing family matters, I will be journeying through this next season of life at a much slower pace.

Because of the nature of my relationship with Kit, when I initially started at NM, you all already felt like my family. And for that, I am so appreciative of such a warm welcoming community.

However, beyond the staff, the children and people and volunteers that I have had the privilege of getting to know and work with, have impacted my life in ways I do not have time to express. Absolutely so many stories, so many memories. Neighborhood Ministries’ imprint on my life has been nothing but extraordinary. I love you all.

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