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A Sensational Summer for Sueños!

The Sueños Youth Center had an amazing time with our 2022 Summer Leaders! This was the second consecutive post-covid summer and we made the best of it! We kicked off summer with a day trip to Flagstaff where the agenda included time for Summer Leaders to reconnect, meet new faces, learn from previous leaders, and play fun team building games.

Over 70 youth participated as either a Summer Leader in the classroom or a work crew member. To better equip the youth for the summer program, they participated in workshops that included teen dating violence prevention, conflict resolution, and storytelling. The youth also learned about the impact of childhood trauma and practical ways to do selfcare and use their new-found knowledge during their interaction with Kids Club participants. Sueños partnered with Neighbors at Work to provide workforce and financial literacy workshops.

For two weeks the Summer Leaders laughed, cried, danced, and worshiped with Kids Club participants while the work-crew worked diligently to ensure meals were prepped and delivered, water was accessible to all, busses were equipped to transport kiddos to their field trips, and maintained the campus clean. Out of all the Summer Leaders, 30 were chosen to continue their summer experience and served as Camp Leaders during the annual Kids Camp in Payson. This summer came and went in a blink of an eye but the memories created may last a lifetime. We look forward to the 2023 summer!

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