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Holly Alvarado grew up at Neighborhood Ministries. She attended Kids Club and our other programs from the time she was five years old to fourteen. Today, while she works on earning her degree in criminal justice from Arizona State University, she’s returned to Neighborhood Ministries to give back as one of our Kids Club 2019 Summer Interns.


– Holly Alvarado, former Kids Club participant

Holly was drawn back to Neighborhood because of the Sueños Youth Center. She began volunteering and realized that her career path had everything to do with how she was influenced by these early years at Neighborhood. Now she wants to impact the next generation by giving back.

“Many of these students are experiencing financial hardship and don’t see themselves achieving much of anything in their lives,” says Holly. “Most of my conversations with students began by asking if they plan on going to college. The majority say no, because they don’t have the money or grades, or because their teachers tell them, ‘You’re going to end up in jail anyway, so what’s the point in trying?’”

This is why Neighborhood Ministries and volunteers like Holly are so vital to the futures of the kids we serve. They need encouragement and direction now – more than at any other point in their lives. Thankfully, they are finding it here through worship, Bible study sessions, art classes, social injustice classes, and a computer lab that provides tutoring and homework help, as well as college resource information.

All of it is thanks to volunteers like Holly and the financial support of friends like you.

Thank you for helping us spread the kind of love, hope and support that continues to break the cycle of poverty in our city. And welcome back Holly Alvarado! It’s always good to see family come home!

Because of the love and support of friends like you, Holly Alvarado is on her way to a criminal justice degree from Arizona State University, and is giving back to the next generation at Neighborhood Ministries.

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