Cooling down in Phoenix, Heating up at Neighborhood Ministries

We are looking for a few good people like you! We need you to help this coming year with our programs—bringing love and friendship and support to the hundreds of young people at NM. The amount of time and love you pour into a child will make a difference for a lifetime. If you are a small group leader, the child will remember your testimony of how Christ impacted your life. For those who volunteer as a driver, the child will remember the face of the one who brought them each week to Kids Club. Serve a meal with your coworkers or small group. Host a drive at your church. Mentor a teen mom. Read to our preschoolers. Teach bible lessons. Lead at the new Kids Garden Club. Tutor. Paint. Dance. Play!!!

Kids Club 2014

Our 27th annual Kids Club is coming June 16-27. Are you coming? 400 K-7th graders are coming and they are so ready for the adventure. This year’s theme, “Extreme Days: We strive, not just survive!” will have our precious children learning about their worth in God’s eyes. One thing our staff and volunteers ran into a lot this year was our children’s low self-esteem. “Does anybody really love me? Know me? Want me?” The answer to their question is an astounding “YES!!!” We want them here at Neighborhood Ministries. We love them. But more importantly, we want to show them that God loves them and sees their beauty and potential. Imagine 400 children shouting “God loves me!” every day for two weeks culminating with several being baptized at Lake Day on the 27th. This is what Kids Club 2014 is all about.

2013 Annual Report to Our Donors

2013 was a great year at Neighborhood Ministries.

Who can forget the generosity of 12 News and Donnelly Service Center who rushed to our aid when our air conditioning broke on the first day of Kids Club!

Who was not moved by the determination of our young leaders who committed weeks to prayer, fasting and travel in our AZ-2-DC trips for immigration reform?

Who is not committing to prayer the 571 children who attended Kids Club last year?

Who is not excited by our new breastfeeding initiative which has provided two dozen moms with the knowledge and encouragement needed to give their babies the healthiest start?

Celebrating Christmas 2013

Christmas 2013 was a big success at Neighborhood Ministries. We had multiple celebrations, leaving us exhausted and joyful and in awe of how much God has blessed our community.

Katy’s Kids Christmas Posada

On December 19, the students in our Katy’s Kids Preschool recreated Mary and Joseph’s search for a place to stay in Bethlehem (Posada means “shelter” in Spanish) by knocking on our classroom doors until they found where they would be welcomed—in this case, the room where their party would be. They sang Christmas songs for their parents and families, ate a delicious tamale dinner and had a special visit from Santa Claus himself.

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